The Karl Road Baptist Church is seeking a salaried part-time Director of Worship Ministries.  The position requires an experienced, gifted leader who enjoys involving the congregation in worship.  It includes preparing, coordinating and directing all elements of the church’s corporate worship except the message.  This includes, but is not limited to, congregational singing, our livestream ministry, special music, and occasional videos. 


Education and Experience Required:

  • A bachelor degree with music emphasis preferred.
  • A history of leading a congregation in participative worship.
  • Extensive involvement in directing ensembles (vocal and instrumental) and individuals in contemporary, blended, and traditional styles.
  • General knowledge of the theory, history, and practice of various worship elements.


Skill Sets Expected:

  • Project godly passion as well as warmth and welcome to the congregation from the platform and in personal interaction.
  • Create a worship service that supports the weekly message topic.  
  • Lead worship vocally and instrumentally (strongly prefer piano/keyboard and/or guitar skills) with confidence.
  • Lead a collaborative, team-driven effort with all who participate in the worship ministry (i.e., Praise Team, sound and audio-visual volunteers, livestream ministry volunteers, etc.).
  • Working knowledge of or willingness to learn the following church-based software:  Planning Center Online, MultiTracks, and Proclaim.
  • Provide management and oversight in budgeting, administration, and overall communication.


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Plan and lead inspirational worship on Sunday mornings.
  • Develop and incorporate various elements of worship into the weekly worship service.
  • Conduct weekly rehearsals of the Praise Team in preparation for Sunday worship and seasonal observances.
  • Recruit new members to the Praise Team.
  • Direct an occasional Worship Choir and children/teen choir(s) as congregational interest and commitment permits.
  • Coordinate congregational and guest vocal/instrumental soloists/ensembles.
  • Plan and implement seasonal music and worship programs, including guest musicians, for the Christmas season, Holy Week, and Easter.
  • Pursue continuing education and professional development opportunities.
  • Oversee maintenance and upkeep of musical instruments and equipment.
  • Prepare an annual budget for approval and manage the music area within it.
  • Administrate the weekly and monthly needs of the worship ministry in a  well-organized, orderly fashion.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.



If you are interested in being considered for the position, please submit the requested information on the form provided below.