If you are on this page to set up your regular tithe or give one time for a special need, we thank you! Your gift will allow us to continue to provide a space for worship and meeting, to serve kids and families in our neighborhood, and to help people all over the world know Jesus. When you give you can be confident that your investment will be managed carefully and every dollar thoughtfully used for building God's kingdom. 

Featured Fund


God is opening doors for us to welcome local 1st - 5th graders into our church during their school day for Bible education! We plan to open a branch of LifeWise in Northland and will begin with students from Forest Park Elementary in the fall of 2023. It is our pray that we'll get to connect with other schools in Northland and increase our enrollement so that our LifeWise classrooms will be filled Monday through Friday all throughout the school year! 


We are seeking $20,000 to start up and conduct the program during the 2023-24 school year. To give, click Give Now and select LifeWise in the drop down menu. 


Have a cell phone? Of course you do! You now have the ability to give through text. Text KRBC to 732-56. 


Giving over the computer has never been easier!

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By Mail

Send your check directly to KRBC any day. Make out your check and drop it in the mail to 5750 Karl Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43229.

In Church

Bring your gift with you on Sunday. Giving is part of our worship and each Sunday we have our ushers collect your gifts given by check or cash.